Tanya’s Chelsea

Tanya 4A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to pay a visit to Tanya’s raw food cafe in Chelsea. I’ve been dying to go here for months after seeing countless photos on Instagram of delectable food and a cute decor.

Finally I managed to find a friend who didn’t grimace at the thought of an entirely raw menu and was excited to try out a little bit of everything to get the whole experience, just like me.
So we took the short walk from South Kensington into the relative wilderness of the back streets of Chelsea until we stumbled upon the My Hotel where Tanya’s is based. If I hadn’t had Google to guide me, I’m not going to lie, it’s unlikely I would have stumbled across this place.

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Perfect Porridge

Porridge1When I was younger porridge never really appealed to me, I think it might have been something to do with the blandness of the packets that you buy…. but one thing I know that has always been true is it that it is FILLING. Over the years I have tried and re-tried pretty much everything, which I think is a huge blessing now that I have found a love for things like olives, eggs, red wine and steak! But one thing that has come back with a vengeance this winter has been porridge. In my search for breakfasts that could be sugar and dairy free I started by mixing my oats with almond milk and then experimented from there. I didn’t think much of my creations until a friend at work asked to try a bit and proclaimed it was the best porridge she’d had in aaaages! #WINNING! So I thought that you lovely lot might like the recipe also. It’s quick, cheap, doesn’t require anything fancy from a health food shop and can be made in TWO MINUTES and will keep you full till lunch time – I hope you love it as much as I do!Continue reading

Getting back on track

IMG_5181This Sunday I am embarking on the New Year Whole Life Challenge, an 8 week programme that gets you to look seriously at your diet, exercise, mobility, use of supplements etc.
So now you might be thinking, but Kylie we thought you were against diets? We thought you were all about the whole foods and being healthy and cutting out the yo-yoing! And you would be right… however I’m doing it nonetheless, but please hear me out…
In the last few months I’ve ridden a bit of a roller coaster in my life, I went and had one of the best holidays of my life in South Africa, seeing my boyfriend that I was apart from for 6 months last year, I worked on one of the most stressful and rewarding projects I’ve had in years and Christmas, oh Christmas, that time of joy and peace to all men, Christmas cake, mince pies and Terry’s chocolate orange. I don’t like to say that I’ve fallen off the wagon but wow that wooden cart has dipped off of the horizon of late. Boxing Day seemed to come and go, the first of January came and went, the first day back at work too and still I cant seem to get my head back in the game.Continue reading

Snuggly Hot Chocolate

IMG_4695Tonight being Bonfire night, is all about being bundled up in warm coats, scarves and gloves and being out in the crisp autumn air, turning our gazes to the stars and watching the night sky explode with dazzling firework displays. But to be doing this it is almost compulsory to have a warm drink in hand, to keep the life in those didgits!

These days I am a stricktly Black coffee, green/ peppermint tea and hot water and lemon kinda girl. But for tonight, none of those seem quite right, but hot chocolate done right, well that really really does.

Long gone are the days that I would turn to my Cadburys and a couple teaspoons of sugar, but that will not stop me this evening! Below is my recipe for a totally indulgent, but totally guilt free hot chocolate recipe!Continue reading

Me & Mr Benedict at L’eto


Where Is it? Wardour Street, Soho

Whats the draw? The eggtensive eggs menu 😉

The low Down: Nestled in the heart of Soho this was a nice and easy central location to get to with a front window that would make a sugar-free devotee want to chuck thier will power out the window. I was unaware of this cafe’s existence until I stumbled upon this article that hailed it as a great healthy brunch spot, despite it’s misleading pastry filled window display. Looking over the menu with it’s long list of smoothies, egg dishes, buck-wheat pancakes, rye-bread and Quinoa Granola you would find it nearly impossible to stray off the healthy path with such a diverse selection.Continue reading

Fare Healthy and it’s Healthy Fare

IMG_2307For the past two months, if not longer, I’ve been waiting for this event. For the second time ever, all of the UK based heath gurus and then some, came together at London’s Borough Market and divulged their tips and secrets. The list of speakers included people like Deliciously Ella, Hemsley & Hemsley, Gizzie Erskine and Laura Bond as well as stalls and demo’s from The Good life Eatery, 26 Grains and Tanya Maher and many many many many more.

The sun was shining and the air was crisp on this late September morning when I got up at 8am! On a Sunday! To get myself over to London Bridge to ensure I was one of the first through the arches and into Fare Healthy. Without hesitation I bee-lined for the 26 Grains stall for a warming bowl of porridge. I’ve been to 26 Grain’s little cubby of a shop in Neal’s yard on multiple occasions but this was the first time I had a good excuse to try a breakfast bowl rather than lunch – and oh! It was good! Almond Milk Oats, butter, hazelnuts and apple and I was in heaven. Dragging myself away, pretty much each and every stall had something to demonstrate or taste test and the lovely people that ran the stalls were very generous with their time and their products, unlike some other fairs I’ve been to in London.
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I’m Healthy, I eat Agave…

IMG_2127So you’ve probably read or watched recent news about refined sugar and how it’s the new food devil. In this transition you have also probably gone through the anguish of deciding upon a good replacement sweetener and witnessed, via things like The Great British Bake Off’s “free from” episode, the championing of Agave as some such saviour. The other day I was chatting away to an old friend of mine when he dropped into conversation that he had never really been much of a sugar person and was happily switching over to Agave, “because, you know I’m trying to be healthy”.

Due to Agave’s low GI compared to refined sugar, it has been the recommended sweetener for the last couple of years, making its way into health food shops, granola, gym snack counters and healthy cookbooks.

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Me and Mr Benedict at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings


So it occurred to me on Sunday that I may be a tad obsessed with brunch… more specifically Eggs Benedict/Royale.

In the past month I have been to no fewer than 5 restaurants specifically to get my poached egg fix. In terms of eggs, this month has been a great one :)

So I thought I might do a little weekly review of each of them, a little Friday prep for anyone pondering the idea of booking in a brunch for the coming weekend.

So! To kick things off; The Queen of Bottomless Brunches:

Bourne & Hollingsworth

Where is it? Farringdon

What’s the draw? Firstly, BOTTOMLESS Bellini’s or Bloody Marys. Secondly, the airy and elegant English garden atmosphere.Continue reading

Creamy Chicken Curry

2015-09-05 20.08.04-1Last Saturday night I decided to stay in and catch up on my box sets… I know exciting times hey? Well to be honest a) I love cooking, especially trying new recipes and b) I went out the night before and c) after the week I had had I just needed a night with my onesie and my sofa – needless to say, it was an awesome night!

The thing is when I used to have one of these nights I used to do it with my flatmate of old, and we used to accompany it with a nice Indian takeaway. I have to admit that I can’t now remember the last time that I had an Indian… The problem was that you never just order your curry and some rice… it’s like it’s almost a necessity to add on the poppadum’s, mango chutney, naan bread and the sagaloo and I mean honestly! What other meal do we allow ourselves to have FOUR different portions of carbs?! It’s madness!

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